Monday, January 30, 2012

To the Future and Beyond

During the last month or so I have taken the time to think on which direction to take the Hop & Kettle.  In the end I am going back to my roots and passion for TV and Film production.  With that said we will be building our Hop & Kettle Youtube channel into a network that will offer on going web series.  We have three series that are in the works right at this moment and more information about each will follow soon.

We will also be refocusing the site and aligning it with our Youtube web series programs.  This will include a interface re-design and stream lined content sections.  All of these changes will allow us to provide you the veiwers and readers with focused content that we hope you will enjoy.

If you have not already CLICK THIS LINK to head to the Hop & Kettle Youtube channel and

Also do not forget to check out the Episodes of the Hop & Kettle: Hop Project while you are there!!