Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weyerbacher TINY

Brewery name: Weyerbacher Brewing Co.
ABV:  11.8%
Availability: Seasonal

Method (draft, can, bottle): Bottle

Description:  When you first hear the name of this Belgian Imperial Stout you understand that there is a bit of humor in calling it TINY.  Since this Stout is nothing close to being TINY we recommend to avoid serving this beer right out of the fridge, because you will be missing much of its character if you do.  Instead, let it sit for five to ten minutes to allow it to become closer to room temperature.  This way when you do pour this almost pitch black stout into a glass you will smell the roasted malts and hints of chocolate, molasses, and plum.  TINY is a sweeter stout, but you will not be overpowered by the sweetness or an overly strong alcohol presence.  We tasted a range of flavors including raisin, coffee, chocolate and a definite Belgian character brought on by the Abbey yeast.  If you enjoy Stouts or if you want to try something new then we would suggest picking up a bottle of Weyerbacher TINY .